Customer Voices

Listen to your customers.

Most online customer reviews look like this, all the way from Amazon, Apple and Google app stores to the smallest upcoming e-commerce site.

This is essential and works as a good customer referral system for the current internet.

But we feel that another type of customer feedback is often ignored, yet it is the most powerful: WORD OF MOUTH.

We propose an alternative to written customer feedback.

Customer Voices!

Customer voices are voice notes – voice feedback or voice reviews or voice comments or voice complaints – left by customers on your platform.

Listen to your customers!


  • Emotional note and attitude of customers in regards to your product is captured
  • Follow up calls are much easier since the customer voice is recognizable, and customer relationships can be better built – the faster the follow-up the better. This can increase the customer lifetime value.
  • Automated audio responses from assigned CRM agents can be the beginning of account management where the customers can be upsold by the same voice they communicated with on the platform.
  • Capture non verbal communication from customers
  • Voice plus a star rating might convince other web or app visitors buyers to buy and acts as automated word of mouth.