Launch Your Own Trading Platform with TradeZora: Ideal for Stock Market, Commodity Exchanges, Forex Trading Platform, Bond Trading Platform, Crypto Exchange, Real-time Auction Markets, Energy Units, Derivatives, or any asset class for trading.

Zavora Trading Platform
Zavora Trading Platform

TradeZora is a high-performance trading engine platform that can be molded into trading of any asset class for any particular use case.

The trading engine, written in c, can support up to 10,000 trades per second and provide real-time user and market data, suitable for markets with up to 3,000,000+ concurrent participants.

Feature List

  • Mobile Trading App
  • Web Based Order Management System
  • API Integrated solutions
  • Automated Trading Bots
  • Market Surveillance System
  • Automated Clearing
  • Central Depository
  • Member Subscription
  • Trading Technical Charts

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